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Barweb provides high speed fibre internet services to locations within Brisbane City. Our robust infrastructure ensures that there is no congestion and 99.99% uptime on our services.

BarWeb internet services are symmetrical, meaning that you get high speed download as well as upload and all services are protected by the latest industry standard firewalls to ensure you are protected at all times.

BarWeb also offers no minimum contract length on all internet services, to view what services are available in your location please click on the location to the right

Available Speeds and Locations

  • 200MBPS – 239 George Street (Hitachi)
  • 1000MBPS – 95 North Quay (Quay Central)
  • 1000MBPS – 107 North Quay (Inns of Court)
  • 200MBPS – 32 Turbot Street (Santos Place)
  • 1000MBPS – 344 Queen Street
  • 400MBPS – 420 George Street


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Individual Capped



Up to 100Mbps

No Data cost between BarWeb Customers

200GB Per Month*

Individual Unlimited



Up to 200Mbps

No Data cost between BarWeb Customers

Unlimited Usage

Business Capped



Up to 1000Mbps

No Data cost between BarWeb Customers

300GB Per Month*

Business Unlimited



Up to 1000Mbps

No Data cost between BarWeb Customers

Unlimited Usage

* There is no additional charge upon meeting the usage allowance.

** A one-off installation and administration fee of $100.00 applies for all internet connections. This includes installation by a BarWeb network technician.

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+61 7 3292 0221

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