Cloud Solution

Cloud Solution

BarWeb offers a state-of-the-art cloud services solution to small and mid-sized organisations in Australia. The latest cloud technology helps organisations reduce their IT expenditure whilst improving data resilience, system performance and ease of management.

BarWeb’s cloud infrastructure provides your organisation with the use of a fully managed, highly secure cloud environment for a fixed monthly fee. You have access to the latest server, data storage and network technologies without the need to buy or install the equipment.

BarWeb can purchase existing in-house IT infrastructure as part of a fully outsourced and managed solution; or accommodate a blended cloud approach for clients who only need to move part of their infrastructure or some applications to the cloud.

Eliminate capital expenditure for new services and enjoy lower support costs, automated backup and disaster recovery and the ability to dynamically adjust server capacity according to demand. BarWeb’s cloud computing service is powerful, flexible, secure and highly affordable.

An Example Transition to the Cloud

A common transition to a cloud services IT infrastructure begins with the move of backup and data resilience services. Once completed, email and Microsoft Office can be migrated to the cloud-based Microsoft Office 365 service.

A further step can be taken to move single systems or your entire IT infrastructure to a cloud service. Customers can choose to use BarWeb’s shared data centre platform or be allocated their own dedicated data centre rack space. Customers can also choose between local or international cloud hosting providers, including Amazon, Azure.

This managed approach to cloud service migration ensures your IT infrastructure improves with each step and there is minimal or no disruption to your business.

Cloud services are an integral part of the BarWeb business. From including cloud technology solutions in your IT strategy roadmap to implementing a Premium Data Resiliency Service for your organisation, our expert team understands both the business and technology impacts of the cloud.


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