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BarWeb Mail

BarWeb provides standard POP/IMAP email hosting to suit your email needs, our BarWeb Email service includes Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus scanning at no additional cost and all features of our Webmail are available.

BarWeb Mail is available at $11/pm per user, this includes all features listed on this page along with DNS hosting (If required)


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BarWeb Mail Feature

Your Own Domain 1024MB Mailbox
Webmail Anti-Spam Filtering
POP3 Access Webmail Contacts
IMAP Access
SMTP Access

POP3 Advantages

Emails can be viewed on your computer even if there is no internet connectivity

POP3 Disadvantages

Reading emails on multiple devices results in duplication of downloaded emails, filing and deleting

Messages are downloaded and removed from the server, if your device fails and no backup is taken, the emails are lost

IMAP Advantages

Emails are saved on the server, in the event of  failure, your emails are safe

Multiple device friendly, syncs basic filtering and read email status

IMAP Disadvantages

Mailbox storage is limited to 1024MB

Offline access to your emails requires your email client to support offline cache of IMAP email configurations

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